History & Staff

We have years of experience caring for families, from all walks of life. Each family comes to us because they know we are leaders in our profession, dedicated to excellence in service, and have the highest integrity.

Our History

Our History

The Familyowned network of funeral homes are operated and owned by the Lucas family who have been serving North Texas as funeral directors for 6 generations. We have a single focus; providing the best quality service and value to our families and friends. We are not governed by corporate mandates or driven to increase profits. We know that our success depends upon how we treat each and every family we serve. It is our goal at all of the Funeral Homes in the Familyowned network not only to satisfy your needs but also to exceed your expectations.

Historically, funeral services have been provided by generations of local families who have deep roots in their community. When dealing with such an important event, turning to a funeral director whom you know and trust can make a world of difference. A family-owned firm will give you the personal attention and caring that you deserve, and the extra support that you will need after the funeral is over. You will also receive the outstanding professionalism that only generations of service can cultivate.

When choosing a funeral home, you may want to research whether or not a family owns the business or run by a large corporation. There is a difference. During the past 20 years, publicly owned corporations have been consolidating the funeral business similarly to what has occurred in other businesses. Recently, this trend has reversed because the corporate owned funeral homes have simply not measured up to the service that families receive from family-owned funeral homes. 

Our Valued Staff

  • Jim Lucas

    Jim Lucas Funeral Director & Owner

  • Jimmy Lucas

    Jimmy Lucas Funeral Director & Owner

  • Bobby Lucas

    Bobby Lucas Funeral Director - Hurst

  • Mark Lucas Kelly

    Mark Lucas Kelly Director of Community Relations & Celebrant Services

  • Helen Jean Lucas

    Helen Jean Lucas Community Relations - Grapevine

  • Kelly Mobley

    Kelly Mobley General Manager - Grapevine

  • Trey  Harper

    Trey Harper Funeral Director In Charge

  • Todd Neal

    Todd Neal Funeral Assistant

  • Terry McNabb

    Terry McNabb Receptionist

  • Chystal Bovaird

    Chystal Bovaird Funeral Director

  • Karen Smith

    Karen Smith Receptionist - Hurst

  • Marc Crochier

    Marc Crochier Funeral Director

  • Wade Wilson

    Wade Wilson Director Care Center

  • Debbie Denton

    Debbie Denton Office Administration

  • Paula Larew

    Paula Larew Office Administration

  • Joyce Williams

    Joyce Williams Office Administration

  • Michael Gardner

    Michael Gardner Advanced Funeral Planner

  • Cynthia Campos

    Cynthia Campos Advanced Funeral Planner

  • Jackie Thompson

    Jackie Thompson Cremation Specialist

  • Jessica Rodriguez

    Jessica Rodriguez Funeral Director

  • Charlene Loeb

    Charlene Loeb Cremation Specialist

  • Amanda Clement

    Amanda Clement Creamtion Specialist

  • Juan Merlon

    Juan Merlon Family Service Counselor

  • David Vasquez

    David Vasquez Funeral Assistant

  • Greg Speir

    Greg Speir IT

  • Richard Reed

    Richard Reed Funeral Director

  • Roger Boler

    Roger Boler Cremation Specialist

  • Michael Belew

    Michael Belew Funeral Assistant

  • Tonya Tucker

    Tonya Tucker Administrator

  • Joe Ballesteros

    Joe Ballesteros Funeral Director

  • Mike Matthews

    Mike Matthews Cremation Specialist

  • Trey Warren

    Trey Warren Cremation Specialist

  • David Nicholas

    David Nicholas Funeral Associate

  • Robin Belcher

    Robin Belcher Funeral Associate

  • Greg Lupton

    Greg Lupton Funeral Associate

  • Cendra Green

    Cendra Green Funeral Director - Grapevine

  • Matthew Morian

    Matthew Morian Funeral Director & Location Leader - Keller

  • Doug Jones

    Doug Jones Funeral Director - Keller

  • Sherri Sahs

    Sherri Sahs Administrator - Keller

  • Camey Hailey

    Camey Hailey Funeral Director

  • Eddie Mangham

    Eddie Mangham Location Leader - Lucas Hurst

  • Brianna Reed

    Brianna Reed Administration

  • David Linton

    David Linton Funeral Director